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Protecting your skin from summer skin damage and breakouts

Protecting your skin from summer skin damage and breakouts

The skin naturally protects itself with melanin, the pigment responsible for giving your skin color, so it makes sense that if your skin is pale, you have far less protection than if your skin were darker. This doesn’t mean you should ditch the SPF if your skin is darker though!

It just means the lighter your skin, the more protection it needs. Skin also protects itself with antioxidants such as glutathione, which helps to protect the skin against uv damage. Vitamin C increases production of glutathione, as well as boosts collagen production for a firmer, more youthful complexion. Internal and external applications of vitamin C and vitamin E can help to protect the skin against harmful free radicals, reverse some signs of uv damage and prevent future damage. It always comes down to an inside out, holistic approach to skin health.

Protect your skin with antioxidants from the inside out

What goes into your body is just, if not more, important than what goes on to it. If your diet is jam-packed with processed, fatty foods that contain no real nutrients, then you won’t see positive results externally, no matter what excellent products you use.

We highly recommend eating whole, anti-inflammatory foods brimming in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and drinking loads of water. The best way to ensure you get your water intake for the day is to fill a large bottle with pure, diluted water and to take small sips throughout your day. Consider adding some lemon slices for a vitamin C boost, along with mint and cucumber to refresh and reduce bloating. These detox water recipes will also help increase your antioxidant levels and flush toxins from your system, for a happy gut and clear, healthy skin.

You could also consider taking a Vitamin C supplement, as this is a vitamin your body cannot make on its own and this antioxidant is very important for a healthy body. Because we use only natural, high quality ingredients in all our products, our products naturally contain antioxidants especially our refreshing neroli toner and our luxuriously silky night balm.

Our neroli toner is brimming in our favorite antioxidant vitamin C and potent green tea to help fight off free radicals and protect your skin against uv damage. This toner also includes super soothing and hydrating aloe to hydrate the skin and infuse it with an array of powerful minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Our night balm contains vitamin C and naturally occuring vitamin E from prickly pear and jojoba. Apart from its ability to fight free radicals, our night balm also helps to calm inflammation in the skin thanks to a synergetic anti-inflammatory essential oil blend and a skin soothing phytonutrient infusion of chamomile and calendula.

Summer Skincare Tips (natural skincare - featuring our Night Regenerative Face Balm)

Never forget the mineral SPF

SPF is key to protecting your skin against harmful UV rays, but deciding on one can be confusing. There are two main types of sunscreen, namely chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreens work like a sponge, absorbing the sun’s rays and neutralizing them, but unfortunately they often contain synthetic chemicals that are bad for the environment and may aggravate sensitive skin and overall health.

Physical sunblocks are an eco-friendly alternative to chemical sunscreens. They contain minerals like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to block the sun’s rays and bounce them off the skin and back into the environment. Always use an SPF of at least 30 or higher and be sure to re-apply as often as needed.

A summer skin care ritual to keep your skin clear.

This simple skin care ritual will help keep pores clear while also offering your skin antioxidants and nutrients.

Step 1 – Cleanse

In the mornings, cleanse with our Neroli Toner and an organic cotton pad (read more about why we recommend this here)

In the evenings, treat your skin to deep cleanse with a soap bar that will provide a luxurious lather and leave your skin feeling clean yet never dry. Our charcoal bar is just what you need. Did you know charcoal absorbs thousands of times its own weight in toxins? You can be sure this soap will keep your skin clear if used on a daily basis!

Step 2 – Mist

Follow with a few spritzes of our refreshing and cooling neroli toner morning and evening. The powerful combo of green tea, thyme and willow bark help keep pores clear and skin hydrated.  This mist is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C which are shown to help protect the skin from sun damage.

Summer Skincare Tips to keep skin clear - mist on our Neroli Clarifying Toner day and night

Step 3 – Moisturize

 Apply our night clarifying treatment lovingly formulated with sea buckthorn and green tea to reduce sebum production along with sugar extract to keep your pores open and clear. This can be worn in the morning too, followed by your SPF.

If you got a little too much sun during the day, swap out the Night Treatment for the Night Regenerative Balm at night.

Step 4 – Treat

To keep pores clear, exfoliate twice a week with our hibiscus mud  and do a deep cleanse with our clay mask at least once a week.

A healthy, clear and youthful complexion is a result of a holistic approach to mind and body, inside and out. These tips will help to protect your skin from the inside out so you can show off summer worthy skin that glows with health, rather than fake tan or too much sun!

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